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Passenger Restrictions

In order to fly, passengers must be in good physical condition due to the possibility of a rough landing. All passengers must be able to climb in and out of the basket, stand for the entire flight and walk out of a field if necessary. Due to insurance restrictions, we cannot fly any passenger who has recently had:

- Surgery
- Injuries
- Hip, Back, or Knee Problems
- Health Concerns
- Physical Limitations
- Severe Auditory Restrictions
- Is/Or May be Pregnant
- Under the age of 8 and with a minimum height of 48" (122cm)

Your safety is our main concern. If you are concerned with health or safety issues, please consult with your physician or call us to discuss the individual situation.

*** Please Note: Children must be a minimum of 8 years of age, with a minimum height of 48" (122cm) to fly, and be accompanied by an adult.


Each passenger will be required to complete a Passenger Liability Waiver. Please bring it with you to your flight as the pilot will be collecting them. 

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